The following Party Themes will help anyone who is yet to accept the holiday season is here change their mind. They are meant to awe and send people back to their childhood memories. Partying is sometimes about letting go the serious stuff and taking it easy, even if it is just for a few hours. It is all about being jovial relaxed until the party is over.

Holiday Company Party Theme: Christmas with Dickens


If you want to get everybody into the party mood, from the eldest among you to the youngest, then Charles Dickens is the person to celebrate to have in your party theme. He is known for his Christmas stories that go back as far as the 1800s.

  • Decor: You should focus on using items that bring back classic images from the days before electricity was invented. Some of the elements to include are lanterns instead of bulbs, and pine cone table decor. You should also have candles and wreaths. The aim is to recreate what the days before we had modern decorations that are supported by electric power.
  • Menu: You should consider dishes such as duck, geese, roasted pig, figs, and cherries. These are the common foods that were eaten during celebrations in those days.
  • Colors: You need to have the traditional red, green, and gold. Those colors themes were common in those days, and they are also more comical.
  • Entrainment: In this age, you may want to call in a comedian to give everybody a chance to relax. Choirs do take a bit of strength from those who participate. Unless someone wants to enjoy and showcase their talent, it is best to let everybody be a company guest at this time of the year.
  • Drinks: Charles Dickens did well to share some of the drinks he used to enjoy on his trips to America. They include a cocktail of simple syrup, water, rye whiskey, and bitters nutmeg. A Mint Julep made with ice, brandy, pineapple, and peach liquor. A Gin Sling made of ice, water, gin, and simple syrup.


Holiday Company Party Theme: Blue Christmas


You may not find the Elvis’ “Blue Christmas” to be uplifting, but it does gift us with a wonderful theme for a Holiday. A Blue Christmas!

  • Decor: Anything that is blue or has a touch of blue will work out very well in this theme. You just avoid another color when possible and go with white instead. You can have event-balloons, China, Tableware, tablecloths, and centerpieces.
  • Menu: You should avoid blue food in this case, after all, it hard to come by even in parties. When it comes to food, just have normal holiday food stations and buffets. Remember, you want people to enjoy not hold back when it comes to food. However, you can have blue desert comprising of blue sweets, cookies, blue frosted cakes, blue doughnut, and blue cake pops.
  • Colors: You obviously know you need the best blue you can get.
  • Entertainment: Simply hire an Elvis impersonator and then have him sing some Christmas songs as well. Just do it as people are enjoying their dessert.
  • Drinks: You will do well with lemonade-Blue, and an optional UV Blue Vodka.

That is it; you will have awed everybody at your company party. Just avoid using blue lights. Some people do not respond very well to colored lights such as blue or green.