Lighting Package

Professional Lighting Makes Extraordinary Event

Why do i need lighting?

– Lighting will make or break your event.
– Lighting is what makes all of the items you brought to your event pop!
– It also focuses the guests on what you want them to see, shows off architectural elements of the room and creates a stage that will make an ordinary space feel magical, hiding what you DON’T want them to see in the shadows.
– In fact, even the most beautiful venue with most elegant chandeliers will wash out your event if lights are left on. You must dim the house lights and then paint your canvas with the lighting you want to sculpt YOUR event.

Elements you should light

– UPLIGHTING for Walls and ceilings if lighter colors. Uplighting will make any venue beautiful, your guests glow romantically, and most important will add a lot of light in the room.

– Check in Table or sign in table for wedding. Don’t leave your staff in the dark or guests struggling to see, or worse yet have this table missed entirely

Food Stations: Whether you have a buffet or action stations, make sure they pop. Lighting will make your food look many times more appetizing than a dimly lit food table. After all, as the saying goes, we eat with our eyes.

Bar: Bartenders need to see what they are doing, and there is nothing more enticing than a bar full of sparkling glassware and your fine beverages glowing

Cake (if a wedding): You must light the cake!! There is no excuse to have a cake sitting in the shadows or washed out having equal visibility to the jackstands of used plates.

DJ or Band: A DJ or band is the focal point of many events. One set of downlights on a DJ will make them POP

Dance Floor: What is a dance floor without Party lights? Make sure to ask us about our dance lighting

Stage for Speaker: At a corporate meeting or for wedding speeches, there should be light on the stage (2 stands) to make sure the speaker gets the attention they deserve.

Gobo Projection: If you want to make a statement, you can instantly brand your event with a gobo projection

Head Table lighting

Outside: While you really should light the inside of any space for an event, for basic safety you must light the outdoors! Ask about our walkway lighting and our glowing outdoor light systems that are 12 feet high with a bright but warm glow to illuminate your complete event.

Lighting Packages

– LED Color changing up-lights
– Remotes for lighting (where applicable)
– Downlights, stands, sandbags, sleeves for base
– Light positioning tool to focus downlights
– Training for set up

Gold Lighting $1,095 (Save $500)
– 16 Uplights around perimeter of room: color of your choice
– 2 Down lighting poles for food stations
– 1 Downlighting for Cake/Entrance or Bar
– 1 Downlinght for sign in table
– 1 downlinghting for bar area
– 2 Entrance uplights (waterproof) for outside venue OR Downlight for sign in table

Silver Lighting $500 (Base Package)
– 2 Stands for up to two food stations (Includes 2 downlights per stand)
– 12 Uplights

Other Costs
Delivery: Within 30 miles of San Francisco. $1 per mile additional, based on zip code.
Deposit: $500 deposit on equipment
Late Fees: Rental cost per day for # of days late
Dead Charge: Client responsible for charging equipment after event
Drop & Pick Schedule: Pick and drop schedule with 2 hour window with 24 hour notice. $25 discount for 7 day or more notice.

Optional Add On Costs For Above Packages
(Note: Add-ons may require additional labor charge)
– Additional downlights for stands: $25
– Custom Logo Projection (gobo): (including stands) four color: $250
– Additional uplights: $35 per uplight
– Additional downlightss: $100 per stand (3 downlights included)
– Additional colored Downlights: $150 per stand (3 color changing downlights included)
– Ceiling wash 500 Watt equivalent ($100/Piece) RGB Stand, light, power pack, remote
– Outdoor Glow Star or Glow sphere event lighting 12’ tall ($150/piece) Stand light, power pack
– Outdoor path glow balls: $25/piece Color changing 12” balls to illuminate pathways

Just pick a package and add on elements