As social media, and Instagram in particular has taken over the world, it certainly applies to corporate events as well. Bay Area event planner clients are looking for awesome Instagram worthy image stations, Instagram-able food displays, exciting photo stations with IG props . . . Essentially anything that will wow their friends online.

This means more event budget needs to be brought in for props, as well as more creative design implemented for food stations as they will likely end up on facebook, Instagram, pinterest and other outlets.

As millennial’s have embraced experience as the primary component for entertainment, opposed to things, experience has also been embraced by the
rest of the world. Instagrammable elements has been woven into the tapestry of events as a whole, making them more rich as an overall experience.

As a Bay Area Event Planner, we have found using elements such as experiential rooms, image mapping projections, interesting costumed characters, and larger than life candy displays for example have added a lot of value to events in hotspots in the bay. For example, when we have done event planning in San Francisco, there has been a huge call for experiential displays. As you drive through the ever increasing tall cooradors of this changing city, you will see buildings embracing this concept such as Salesforce headquarters screens in their lobby

OR, experiential environments, such as One Dome where you can eat an interactive meal with your table constantly changing

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