A very strange fact is circulating in certain circles. A number of large corporate events are not attracting attention because their sponsors are not taking advantage of their social media connections. Don’t let this happen to your event. The fact is that you should stop ignoring social media advertising or thinking of social media as second class advertising. Social media is hot. Your kids probably spend several hours a week on social media. Even your parents or grandparents are finding social media a great way to connect with others. Certainly, social media is an important tool for your offline or online corporate event.

Create Hashtags For The Event

So, your corporation’sĀ event is something that is very special. Well, don’t forget about using just the right hashtags for your event. Your use of hashtags should work on social media sites to boost the number of people that are aware of the event and gain more attendance. Create a couple of Twitter hashtags to announce the event. Keep the hashtags to your event short and to the point. The hashtag is something that your fans, audience, and industry insiders are able to share with various groups of people through other social media sites. Don’t stop. Keep promoting your hashtags over several days before the event occurs. Ask followers on your social media page or re-tweet.

Facebook Ads

Of course, your company should have a Facebook page. Use Facebook ads to advertise your corporate event. Get started purchasing your ads for the event as soon as possible. The earlier you start the promotion, the more likely that your ads will get noticed by the right people and they will attend the event.

Facebook Pages

Create a unique Facebook event page that is purely about your upcoming corporate event. Post all the activities that are going to happen at the event. Also, include those that are sponsoring your event. Add guest speakers, corporate speakers, and a complete itinerary of events. Post pictures of previous corporate events that you might think are relevant and would like to share with others.

Video Testimonials

The fact is that people love watching videos more than reading any long passages of information that you might post on your corporate website. Take advantage of this fact by uploading video testimonies to your corporate site that talk about the excitement that is surrounding the upcoming corporate event. Let your employees give testimonies about the last event that your corporation sponsored. People place more value on real testimonials rather than words on a page.

Create Contest

Use the power of social media to create a buzz about your event through contests or a free giveaway directed at people in your industry. For example, you could sponsor a free giveaway offering mugs, t-shirts, or gift bags to those attending the event. Post the information about your contest on a corporate blog, social media sites, forums, and even message boards. Don’t forget to use the proper hashtags to announce the contest on Twitter too.