Corporate events are great tool for companies and marketers to showcase their product, reach out to prospective clients or even for team building purposes. Many large scale corporate events are hosted all over the country.  Any marketing professional or enterprise may wonder what it actually costs to hold such an event in San Francisco area. It is roughly like landing up in a car lot and enquiring about the price. It all depends on what you want, how you want and what way you want it.

Average Cost of a Corporate event in San Francisco

To organize a custom turn-key event, you will require a minimum of $ 150 per person. This can be taken as the rule of the thumb though the price may vary depending upon many factors. For example, what kind of event you are holding impacts the cost on a great level. It also involves the number of heads included, the venue, quality of food and catering and the inclusion of personalized lighting, décor and entertainment options.

Remember that your cost would at least be a few thousand dollars if you want to host a successful corporate event. So, what is it that determines the exact cost that you would have to incur? Here is a look at some of the things that will help you decide the corporate event cost in San Francisco.

Venue Rental

You can rent a venue and do the rest yourself though it means extra work. Venues can be star rated hotels, regular auditoriums, halls or even meeting rooms provided by pubs, restaurants and such. The nature of the venue has a great influence on cost. You may consider booking leisure centers with halls or bookshops to reduce the cost of the event.  See the top indoor venues in San Francisco.

Nature of Events

What type of event are you planning to organize? The type of event decides how much you need to spend for the corporate event in the San Francisco Bay area.

• Conference – Generally conference involves a large group of people. The cost rises for that reason, though generally expenses of lighting, custom décor are not incurred by clients. Booking a luxury hotel or costly venue can increase the expenditure.

• Team building – It usually does not involve many people and can be done in a small and humble venue.

• Product launch – This can be a costly affair as you want to impress everyone in the product launching day. Clients generally go for star-rated hotels or venues and employ lighting, décor and other entertainment.

• Client entertainment – The nature of entertainment, decoration, and menu will decide the cost majorly. The average pricing may exceed depending on the nature of entertainment and hosting you have in mind.

What is Included in the Package?

The average cost mentioned above generally includes the following in the package:
• A hall or room for the meeting
• Meeting conducting equipment like tablets, pads, projector and screen
• Internet and WiFi
• Servings of refreshments, snacks, and bottled water
• Full course lunch
• Parking

These simple tips will help you hold a corporate event successfully in San Francisco without going overboard.

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