Are you planning a holiday party for your company? Sure, you can get the same ballroom at the same hotel where you’ve had the party for the last eight years. They may have promised you that same rock-bottom rate, but that dance floor that the put out there had some real wear and tear on the parquet seems last year, and everyone is tired of going there anyway. Why not get some buzz for your party this year by having it at a new place? Check out some of these¬†cool party venues in the Bay Area.

 The Office (194 Church St, San Francisco, Duboce Triangle)

the-office-san-francisco-event-venueThis venue gets rave reviews because of the service that the general manager, Jacobo, and his staff provide for guests. Despite the large space that The Office contains, the layout makes it feel like a more intimate venue than a ballroom at a hotel; you can have parties for as many as 50 people here without it feeling too crowded. Situated above the Churchill, The Office has a prep kitchen on site so that your caterers can make the final preparations for your food there instead of dragging the food across town. Also, the bartenders stand second to none in terms of their knowledge and the quality of their creations.

Bently Reserve (301 Battery St, San Francisco, Financial District)


You’ll get blown away by the elegance of this venue when you walk through the grand doors and look up at the high ceilings with their impressive chandeliers and classic pillars. The space itself is somewhat ascetic in terms of interior decor, but that just means that you can bring your own decorative touch in when you plan your party, as the right holiday touches can turn the interior of the hall into a winter wonderland. You won’t save money when you book the Bently Reserve, but when your company is a success and you want to reward your employees for their diligent work, this is the sort of class that you want to bestow on them.

Folsom Street Foundry (1425 Folsom St, SoMa)

folsom-street-foundry-san-francisco-event-venueThis venue will maximize the fun for your corporate holiday party. Did you grow up with arcades filled with video games? Do you miss those places, now that the video game console has made the television the place where your own kids go to play video games, talking on their headsets into XBox Live with the people they are competing with on the other side of the planet? Folsom Street Foundry takes you back to those heady days in the 1980s and 1990s, when you kept slipping $1, $5 and even $20 bills into the coin changers and lined up your quarters and tokens on the machine for the next game. If that seems a little on the juvenile side, just remember that parties are where people like to kick back, and there are other spaces where you can set up card games, trivia games, whatever other amusements you want for your guests.

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