When you are planning your corporate BBQ, you will want to choose the right foods, as well as the right catering company. The one who makes the food will look to you to choose the dishes that you would like to have at your event, and you should make sure that every food that you pick out is one that is not only easy to eat and delicious, but that is also a bit healthier than the average BBQ food. There are some classic BBQ foods that just have too many calories in them, and you might want to give better options at your event.

Consider serving hot dogs in place of cheeseburgers. Ask the caterer to prepare hot dogs and all kinds of healthy, low-calorie toppings, and everyone can feel better about what they are eating. Hot dogs do not have too many calories compared with other meats that would be eaten at a BBQ, plus some of their toppings are actually healthy. Mustard, for example, is something that is good for you. Relish doesn’t have many calories, onions don’t, either, and all of these things make for a tasty hot dog.

Ask the caterer to do something creative for dessert to avoid all of the high-calorie foods that could be served there. Ask the catering company if they make anything with fruit in it, and if they do, then ask them to bring that to your BBQ. Maybe they will make some kind of frozen fruit dessert for your event, or maybe they will just serve up a big buffet of fruit. No matter what they do, if the dessert is all about fruit, then you can feel good about the health benefits that it will be giving everyone, instead of weighing them down like a normal dessert would.

Salads sound like a healthy choice but make sure they are not covered in fatty dressings. Potato salads are big on this kind of thing, and you will not want to see them at the event. Talk with the catering company and see if they have a solution to this problem. Maybe they will make a lightened up version of a potato salad, or maybe they will bring in some fresh vegetables instead. No matter what, though, you are not going to want to see a typical potato salad at this event.

The worst alcoholic drinks that could be served at an event are any kind of cocktails because of all of the calories that are added into them. If you want the caterer to serve something alcoholic, then you should ask for light beer.

The event can still be a great one even with less calories served per meal, as long as you follow some basic rules and take the time to discuss things with your corporate event planner to see what they can do for you.

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