No event is complete without the perfect entertainment! With Inspire’s wide array of entertainment options, there’s something for every theme and group. Our entertainers are the best in the nation, and have years of experience under their belt performing at events all over the states. Their talents and passion for entertaining will transform your event into one your guests will never forget!

Interactive Performers

Interactive performers are the perfect way to keep your guests entertained throughout the entire event! Our performers are well known all over the country for being the best in the business. From stilt walkers that hand out appetizers and drinks to magicians and jugglers who perform up-close tricks, your guests will never be bored. Take your event to the next level with the best form of entertainment, interactive performers!

Circus Performers

Circus performers have long been a popular form of entertainment for parties of all varieties. Talented circus performers add an element of fun and excitement to any party by performing unique and interactive talents that leave audiences spellbound every time! From stilt walkers to jugglers and many more, our circus performers are top-class entertainers able to transform any event into an unforgettable experience for your guests!

Stage Shows

Stage shows are the perfect way to entertain a diverse group of guests from all ages and backgrounds! Our stage show performers range from dancers to live bands and puppet shows to old west gun fights. There is a stage show for any themed event! Inspire stage shows have performed at events all over the country, and are incredibly experienced and talented in the performances they offer. Turn your event up a notch with a talented and entertaining stage show!

Animal Shows

Exotic animals of all varieties provide the perfect entertainment for children and adults of all ages! From reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and iguanas to birds and mammals, the intrigue never ends with animal shows. Our partners train their animals to perform the most talented and entertaining performances to leave your guests in wonder. Have you ever seen a bird play bowling? There's no end to the crazy talents these animals can perform!


Ever since the recent explosion of television dance competitions, dancers are often among our most requested performers here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We can provide you with the top dancers of all styles – for a live stage show, as ambient entertainment or to teach your guests how to do the latest steps! Performances are family-friendly, and we have shows suitable for any type of audience, whether corporate or social.

Music Shows

Talented musicians have long been a popular form of entertainment for events of any size and theme. Music shows can help to develop the atmosphere at an event and provides a great way to keep guests entertained at all times. Our talented musicians know exactly how to keep spirits high! Guests will be dancing and smiling all night long to these amazing music shows!

Themed Performers

The perfect way to create a themed event is to add some themed performers! What's an Elvis party without Elvis? These themed performers have performed at events all over the country, from small parties to large and extravagant galas. Keeping your guests entertained and intrigued is their specialty. Bring your theme to life with our amazing themed performers!