Circus Themed Picnic

Virgin America Circus Event


Virgin wanted to celebrate 7 years of success, and needed to host 700 people in a fairly confined space on campus. They wanted something playful, and interactive.


Our team came up with an interactive cirque theme which both featured live stage performances by top entertainers as well as cirque lessons on hula hooping, juggling and clowning in Cirque tents.
We also developed a custom printed give away that was cirque themed with people’s onsite green screen circus photos printed live on canvas bags branded with the event. We were able to secure a full size Ferris Wheel, carnival trailer games, and a host of other interactive experiences

“Jud and Tamiko are fantastic. If you have been given the monstrous task of planning a company picnic or event, I highly recommend Inspire Productions to make the process easier and less stressful, with an amazing, memorable outcome.”

Stacey S.