Solazyme Holiday Party

Solazyme Holiday Party


A cutting edge pharmaceutical company that creates enzymes that make food, fuel and quality of life better for humanity powered by scientists not capitalists hired Inspire for many years in a row. The company needed to reduce their holiday party budget, but still wanted to have an epic event without 15,000 in venue fees.


Inspire produced an epic event transforming dry drop ceiling conference rooms into Winter Wonderland dream spaces. We used image mapping, C&C ice sculptures, dramatic lighting technology, and tasteful d├ęcor. We created an immersive environment for a fraction of the cost of a traditional event venue.

"Have worked with Inspire on two holiday parties and they've come through both times with an incredible product. When the CEO of my company says its amazing and when the staff have an amazing time with great food and entertainment, that says it all."

Jon C.