Raj Tent Event

Raj Tent Event


The wife of a successful Silicon Valley innovator asked us to produce a party in her back yard of her estate.


We settled on making it a surprise and building a world inside a nondescript tent. We made Morocco. By working with a company that specializes in Middle Eastern and Indian tents, we created a layered experience, placing desert back drops behind the tent reveal to give a 3D look to the tent. In addition we brought in a hookah lounge and an ice sculpture luge of the birthday boy climbing a mountain since he is a climber. We also had the nation’s top belly dancer, psychics, and of course a DJ.

"Fameeza and I were extremely pleased with the end results of the party. It was well put together and the Magic Show was a blast. People that attended had nothing but PRAISE. Credit to you for coordinating and going above and beyond to make sure all was in order. I can't thank you enough for your brilliant suggestions and creative decorations."

Raj S.