Acerta Steampunk Celebration

"Sky's the Limit!"

Acerta Steampunk Celebration


Acerta wanted something special, something unique. They needed to have a party that highlighted excellence beyond compare. Innovation and determination. Their company had done what no drug start up has ever done: a five year old company received FDA Approval for their revolutionary cancer fighting medicine, in just four short years from their founding. This near impossible task, along with a huge influx of investment capital clearly states the Sky is the limit for the rising star. How could Acerta express their gratitude to their high profile staff while showcasing their success?


What would be better than "The Sky's The Limit" themed event at an aviation museum? Borrowing from the Steampunk theme, and integrating art with science, We created an immersive event surrounded by breathtaking inventions while creating a few of our own.

We teamed up with a group of engineers turned artists that rebuild turn of the century steam engines and brought to life real steam powered fantasies! We had steam powered dirigibles gracing the entrance with gears that were cast just for the event in a huge Oakland warehouse. They also brought in a turn of the century steam press that printed custom cocktail coasters on site, with the company's logo. As the event commenced, an electric shovel musician (you read that right) was jamming incredible tunes on stage. To tie in the theme, The event also featured drone battles and guest drone flying competitions, Themed photo stations with throwback props, steampunk greeters, flight simulators, and a rocking DJ.

"The party was a huge hit. My team loved the venue and the theme . . . Steam punk was awesome. All in all, as my grandma would say, ‘a Great time was had by all’."

Kari S