Are you searching for your corporate picnic game ideas in San Francisco? Event planners usually have a challenge when it comes to choosing the best company picnic game ideas. That’s because there are too many great choices. Here are a few


  • You should consider blindfold games for your event. It involves the blindfolding of workmates who then get guided through a group of workmates.
  • These games are useful as the blindfolded colleagues get listening skills while their guiding partners acquire clear direction giving skills.


It enhances your company workers communication skills,critical thinking, and working together.

Rope Courses

  • You should consider these courses as they increase working together and overcoming obstacles in the workplace. That’s because, in this game, teammates have to work together, complementing each other’s weaknesses and strengths.
  • That leaves them having more respect for each other and also having a feeling of accomplishment.

Treasure Hunts

  • Another great outdoor company picnic game idea is the treasure hunt. It’s ideal for corporate workers of all ages as it promotes healthy competition and teamwork.

Food Games

  • You can offer incentives such as visiting the local bakery or offering gift certificates for the winning team.


  • You should look for those that you are sure anybody will strive to get by winning,for example money.

Yoga Sessions

  • You should consider yoga sessions for your corporate events picnic games. That’s because it allows your colleagues to relax and remove stress. It’s a meditation form of exercise that allows you to breathe in a relaxing pose.
  • That means your workers can keep outside factors off their minds, enabling them to concentrate more on their work when they return to their offices.

Hula Hopping

  • Hula hopping creates fun and an upbeat environment during your picnic company outing. That’s because it enhances your body’s flexibility, release stress and increases you minds coordination. That leaves your workers feeling recharged and ready to get back to work.


  • Running enables your employees or partners to bond together. That’s because they can brainstorm while jogging. It leaves them re-energized and able to meet their targets on time.

What to Look Out For

  • You should make sure that your company’s workers have no existing heart problems. That’s because some of these games such as running require intense physical activity. That helps you to avoid cases of employee’s getting ill as a result of intense games.
  • You should also make sure that your choice of games involves all workers. That ensures your physically challenged employees participate.
  • Another point to remember is following up the result of these company picnic games. You should be able to notice positive changes in your workplace.

That’s because the whole point of organizing these games is to increase teamwork, communication skills, and productivity.