If you want a special corporate Christmas party this year then look no further than these ideas. The best Christmas parties cover all the basics but add a fun additional twist.

Victorian Christmas

The Victorians knew how to celebrate Christmas in style. Bring their sumptuous world alive and everyone is bound to have a great time.

Victorian decor was definitely over the top. Heavy patterns and bold colors such as red and dark green embellished with gold all work. Some unusual curiosities such as a standing globe or large portrait will embellish the atmosphere.

What to eat and drink? 

Victorian Christmas fare was classic and generous. A roasted turkey or goose with all the trimmings will make a fantastic festive main course. This is to be served with lots of side dishes such as meat puddings and pies, slabs of cheese and doorstep wedges of bread. Desserts are homey and filling pies and crumbles and of course the classic Xmas pud.

The Victorians drank wine and lots of it. Christmas drinks such as mulled wine and spiced non-alcoholic beverages will also fit well.


Sherlock Holmes

Everyone loves Holmes and Watson of Baker Street. If you want a more active Victorian Christmas then London’s heroes could be the answer.

Keep your decor and food the same but add tantalizing clues that form a fun mystery. Hide gifts around the venue and leave clues for where the best ones are. Give people roles as police, detectives or Holmes and Watson themselves.

Lapland and Santa’s Grotto

Lapland and a visit to Santa is deemed magical the world over. Bring Lapland to your party with these guidelines. Keep the colors simple and bold. White with black and red. Add sparkly lights to replicate the snowy landscape of Lapland.

Visitors to Lapland are bombarded with sweet treats. Biscuits, sweet breads, gingerbread and cakes with traditional and festive themes are a big part of the experience. A great aspect of this fare is the smell of all those spices in the air. Smorgasbord is the traditional way of eating in Scandinavia, a buffet of meatballs, potato salad, caviar, sliced meats and sauces is very traditional and creates a great atmosphere of feasting. For drinks you should serve aquavit and warmed glogg.

Popular Scandinavian Christmas traditions are sing alongs. Get some sheets of simple lyrics so everyone can enjoy themselves. For a Lapland themed Christmas you also need a visit from Santa!

Beach Christmas

We’ve all seen the pictures of friends and relatives who jet off to Australia for Christmas on the beach. Why not emulate this experience for your party?

Decor for this should be light and breezy; shades of light blues, green and white to balance it out.

Your menu should be a traditional Xmas dinner but done on the barbie! Turkey burgers with cranberry sauce, lobster, and all the traditional trimmings. To drink, beer of course!

Get everyone playing with a beach ball, fishing in plastic pools or singing carols. There’s no limit to the fun you can have.

High Rollers

How do the very richest in the world celebrate Christmas? In style of course. Opt for a high rollers theme where everyone arrives as a millionaire party attendee and receives a million dollar experience.

Go lavish and over the top. Lots of lights, a classic white, grey and red color scheme and plenty of traditional decorations.

Serve classic high end restaurant dishes such as duck and apples, filet mignon and lobster with truffles.

Let everyone get into the spirit of the high roller lifestyle with an auction. Distribute monopoly money and let people outbid each other on a Christmas themed auction. You can divide employees into teams and give prizes to teams who make the best buys at the auction.