Do you want to hold a corporate party in San Francisco? As a corporate event planner, you need to have creative and entertaining ideas on how to hold the best parties. That’s because you have to leave a good lasting impression on your guests and business colleagues. In this guide, we look at 13 event ideas for your next corporate party.

  • Comedians/Magicians

You should consider hiring actors for your corporate party. That’s because these artists make light moments during these events. They crack jokes that leave everybody laughing, from the CEO to the receptionists.

Magicians also integrate your companies’ sales message in a way that is understood using their tricks. As an event planner, these trade’s people ensure that your event is lively and engaging.

  • Bands and Orchestras

You should hire bands for your corporate event. That’s because they play music that leaves your guests asking for more.

You should remember to set aside space where these groups will set up their instruments. Tribute bands are also good to hire for your event. That’s because they play music requests that are popular with your guests.

  • Television Stars

Depending on your budget, you should hire a reality TV star or famous Hollywood stars to interact with your guests. That’s because Holly wood stars cost more to hire as compared reality TV stars.

  • Talent Shows

Talent shows are another great idea for your corporate event. That’s because they are interactive as everybody participates. You should consider recording them to enable guests to view their performances later.

  • Disc Jokey DJ

You should hire DJs for your corporate party. That allows your guests to request any music that they want the DJ to play.

  • Dancers

Young, energetic dancers add a sense of youth to your corporate event. That’s because they are hip and add a lot of fun.

  • Mentalists

Mentalists enable interactions in company events. That’s because they can read the minds of your guests through their interactions.

  • Acrobats

You should hire acrobats for your business events. That’s because they carry out lively acts that leave your guests in awe.

  • Ice Sculptors

Ice sculptors are other artists that you should hire for your corporate event. They can sculpt your company’s logo or message live as guests look.

  • 60 Second Novelist

These novelists come with their tables and manual typewriter to your corporate function. They then ask your company’s guests a few questions to find out who they are. This only takes a minute.

That lightens up your party as they write creative and funny stories using this information.

  • Face Painters

Face painters are ideal if your party attendees include kids. That’s because children love face painting.

  • Story Tellers

You should hire a storyteller for your corporate event. That’s because they can create messages that relate to your company’s goals and motto.

  • Puppeteers

If your business’s party involves kids, hiring puppeteers is another great way of entertaining them.